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Be Your Bridal Best As You Begin Your New Life Together

When you say, “I do,” it is for forever. Pledge your love beyond your vows with eternity wedding bands. Also called infinity rings, these beautiful pieces signify the never-ending love you have for your betrothed, and you can embellish each band with precious stones of your choosing. Alongside the delicate small diamond necklace you’ll wear […]

The Top Spring 2017 Jewelry Trends You Need To Be Wearing

You should definitely not be wearing your mother’s jewelry for Spring 2017. Glamour marries unique fashion statements in this year’s trends. You won’t just be wearing one diamond band when you head out the door, you’ll be wearing several diamond stacking bands, and your necklaces will add a new dimension to your outfits. Here are […]

How to Stack Delicate Diamond Rings

  Wearing rings is an easy way to express your personal style and taste in precious metals and stones. Despite the freedom of expression, you still may wonder how to pull off certain fashions, such as stacking diamond rings. The rules for how to diamond stack are somewhat different than those for everyday rings. Keep […]

Dana Seng Jewelry Launches New Signature Birthstone & Number Collection by Gem Gossip

Dana Seng Jewelry has been wildly popular since it first launched because who doesn’t love personalized, layer-ready jewelry?! Her pieces let the buyer pick the letter that they want and the gemstone of their choice, allowing for double customization. It wasn’t long until Dana decided to unleash what the people have been wanting–NUMBERS! Just as […]

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Q & A with Dana Seng Jewelry by Gem Gossip

The Instagram likes are no lie–people love Dana Seng‘s jewelry designs. Whether it is the stackable appeal or the fashionable looks each piece has, Dana is doing it right. It is hard to win over millennials in this fast-paced society we live in, however this new company has been working hard at creating luxury, high […]

Five Things I’m Loving Lately by Choupette Social Girl

  FOUR. I’m a sucker for anything monogram and have been searching for a simple initial necklace for a while. I am guilty of being one of those girls who has the giant gold 3 letter monogram necklace but as the years have gone on, my taste has simplified and I perfer more delicate jewelry […]

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Introduction to Dana Seng Jewelry by Made Of Jewelry

Happy to introduce you Dana Seng Jewelry Collection. Dana’s designs are sparkling, sophisticated and no doubt you’ll find your everyday lifestyle jewelry pieces . Stylish for work, dressed up for any occasion and perfect in every way. Dana was born and raised in Cambodia which located in the Southern Portion of the Indochina Peninsula in […]


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